Monday, September 26, 2011

Does anyone make a d23?

I'm writing a live-action game for a Hallowe'en party. While working on character ideas, I made a short list of motivations that people could have. It might work for fleshing out some random NPCs. Or for your own PC, if that's how you like to work.

  1. Loves X
  2. Hates X
  3. Wants to impress X
  4. Wants to humiliate X
  5. Needs money
  6. Wants to know X's secret
  7. Wants an Item
  8. Get rid of Item
  9. Protect X
  10. Avoid X
  11. See that justice is done
  12. Escape justice
  13. Frame X
  14. Exonerate X
  15. Be acknowledged
  16. Avoid blame
  17. Find/discover something
  18. Conceal/destroy something
  19. Persuade everyone of X
  20. Fool everyone about X
  21. Just do things!
  22. Just meet people!
  23. Behave like X
It's all basic stuff, but maybe it'll help.

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