Tuesday, January 24, 2012

99 Chambers

I have this idea. It's probably meant to be a video game, but I'm not in much danger of being recruited back into that career, so if this happens it's gonna be an RPG thing.

It could also be a kung fu movie.

Rooms. A 10x10 grid of them. Each has two doors -- the one you came through and the one you have to get through. Each has something to stop you. The thing is totally linear, on purpose. The point is that to reach the cool thing in the final room (audience with the Emperor? the Holy Grail? just finding a way out?) you have to conquer all 99 challenges. No shortcuts, no secret doors, no workarounds, no resting, no going back to town and returning to try another day. It's a linear labyrinth.

Low-tech setting, could be some magic but not world-shattering stuff.

I might stat these out later on. For now I just want to get the list-so-far written down. It's not nearly to 99, but this way it's at least not on 4 pages of 2 different notebooks.

Also, it's not in any particular order beyond "this is when I thought of it." I use he/him throughout because it's what I did. Some ideas repeat themselves.
  1. The door does not open.
  2. A spearman. He's very good.
  3. Room full of nets
  4. Fire (but it isn't)
  5. You need the thing from 4 rooms ago.
  6. Foe's blood is poisonous.
  7. Any weapon that strikes foe is destroyed.
  8. He's skilled at disarming.
  9. His arms are dragons.
  10. He's on a narrow bridge, and ranged attacks don't work.
  11. He can run up the walls and ceiling.
  12. He will strike you as you struck him.
  13. When defeated, his body blocks the exit.
  14. Every injury doubles his strength.
  15. Fights mantis-style!
  16. Must fight in rhymes. His rhymes affect the room.
  17. When you defeat him, another one appears.
  18. He only strikes those who strike him.
  19. Lots of them. When one dies, the rest grow stronger.
  20. He has a shieldman who does a great job.
  21. The room is filling with sand.
  22. He teleports you to an earlier room.
  23. The room is full of shrieking heads.
  24. Must hop from tiny platform to tiny platform.
  25. Walking out the door just leads back into the room.
  26. Floor spins while he shoots you.
  27. Completely dark. The floor is not completely there.
  28. Has four arms.
  29. Spears stab out of the walls/ceiling/floor in a complicated pattern.
  30. Full of crisscrossed metal bars
  31. The door out is much too tiny.
  32. He can knock you out of the room.
  33. He's made of living fire.
  34. He sucks the breath from your body.
  35. In death, he becomes your parent.
  36. His eyes are fire and his breath lightning.
  37. His hands fly around on their own
  38. His face is the wall, his mouth the door.
  39. Every step, the door moves 2 steps away
  40. The battle is fought with music
  41. To exit, you must sacrifice one day of your life.
  42. He holds glass orbs that contain your loved ones.

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