Friday, February 3, 2012

You continue to ask...

...we continue to answer. Barking Alien wonders:

1) What is the most common type of environment or terrain encountered thus far in your current or most recent campaign?

The grim, craggy wilderness of an alternate 17th-century New England.

2) What is the most exotic or unusual environment or terrain encountered thus far in your current or most recent campaign?

The long-forgotten tunnels carved beneath alternate New England to serve as a subterranean funeral pyramid/abomination breeding ground by the not-as-extinct-as-you'd-hope Neanterthals. Who are, themselves, fleeing in the face of attacks by eerily sentient Jurassic Park-style raptors. I'm not much of an "environment" guy -- I'm more interested in "antagonists."

3) What environment or terrain type have you never used but always wanted to? Why haven't you?

Hmmm. See above. I usually struggle to think of any interesting environments/terrains to include; my mind doesn't naturally bend that way.

4) Do you have a combat rule or mechanic from another game system you are using in the game system you currently play, played recently or generally play?

For many years, and in many systems, I've awarded Extra Credit Points. If you amuse me, or you do something improbable but brilliant, or if you do something fascinating in character, I'll give you Extra Credit. You can randomly redeem these for various small benefits (combat modifiers, skill bonuses, equipment you "just remembered," etc.)

5) In your opinion, what genre has received too little attention in regards to RPGs based on that subject?

Paramilitary spy heroics. A good game about GI Joe could make a pile of money and draw a heap of fans.

6) If a quality RPG on the aforementioned neglected genre came out tomorrow, what would make you buy it? What would prevent you from buying it?

Not much would make me buy it. I have kids and an uncompleted master's thesis to support, so paying to acquire new RPG stuff is low low low on my priority list. I'd rather just design parts of it in my spare time, then give up and do something else.

7) Do you find it easier to learn the rules of a game by reading the rule book or by sitting down and just playing it?

I can't do one without the other. I learn best by reading while doing, especially if someone's also explaining.

8) Name a currently available artist not normally associated with RPGs who you'd love to see do some RPG work.

My brother-in-law. You probably haven't heard of him, and I don't know that he's available. His stuff is usually what I picture when I'm writing RPG content.

9) What one book, movie, video, etc. that is not an RPG that you think should be.

I already said GI Joe, so that doesn't count. Someone already did Thundarr, someone made a tabletop Fallout conversion... got it. Dune.

10) Can you think of an RPG you've run or played in which the GM (be it you or someone else) used/referenced non-game related books to run the campaign more often then game related books?

Oh, yeah. My old group dipped into MERP sometimes, and the two of us who GM'd were the two biggest Tolkien geeks you were ever likely to meet. If we included movies, I'd say the same thing about Star Wars.

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