Friday, April 24, 2015

Quick pre-move thought

One thing that surprises me, looking back on nigh-unto a decade working for the same place, is how few friends I have here. Plenty of cheerful acquaintanceships. Lots of people who say they'll miss having me around. Not many folks that I hang out with, though.

Enemies, however... I do have enemies. One of the highlights of recent weeks was seeking out my campus arch-nemesis and making peace with them. It was a nice piece of closure. I still despise this person, you understand, but we're formally at peace now.

I can't tell how I feel about the relative lack of friends here. It's the first place I've worked in a long, long time without having a posse. And I've gotten accustomed to it over the last 8+ years; I have a real-life posse. But it does add to my feeling that I've gotten dull out here in the provinces.

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