Friday, October 22, 2010

Four years is an eternity in meme-time

I follow a few RPG blogs nowadays. My current favorite is Jeff's Gameblog, with its mixture of sharp wit, regular updates, and that awesome picture of IG-88 decked out like a wizard. You might know it already from Jeff's Threefold Model, which taught us that Mike Mearls is Retro-Stupid while I'm almost entirely Pretentious. The two are opposites. I enjoy that, because Mike Mearls wrote the excellent d20 game Iron Heroes and I wrote two of the first supplements, Song of the Blade and To Duel With Dragons. This might explain why I never got any fan mail from Iron Heroes players.

Anyway, Jeff's blog is good enough that I'm trawling the archive. All 5 years of it. Back in 2006, he mentioned that he'd picked up To Duel With Dragons and was looking for Song of the Blade. Now I'm on tenterhooks, waiting to see if he'll express an opinion. So far, as of mid-July '06, nothing. But right near that post he had a list of his all-time top 10 favorite campaigns. Apparently this was a Thing back then. So, four years late, I thought I'd do the same. It's a neat way of considering my preferences. Here's my list.

1) Gorbadin II - Fantasy HERO, 1993-96 (GM)
2) Return to New Liberty City - HERO/Champions, early 2000s (GM)
3) The Untouchables - HERO/Champions, 1990-2000 (GM)
4) The Protectors - Marvel Super Heroes, 1989-1992 (GMand occasional player)
5) Aldonia II - D&D 3e, early 2000s (GM)
6) Aeric Kellmer Is Unstuck In Time - Star Wars, 1990-present? (player)
7) The Inge Saga - 7th Sea, 2006-present (GM)
8) Alfonse & Ryle - D&D 2e, 1993-1995 (player)
9) Ohoster - D&D 2e, 1989-1992 (GM)
10) The Blue Team - HERO and KURST, 1990-1996 (player and GM) I'd rather run games than play in them, and I really like the HERO system. No surprises there.

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