Monday, October 25, 2010

I spoke too soon

I might have a new favorite campaign - the girls asked me to start the 7th Sea sandbox on Saturday, and it was awesome.

Short form: Aging runewitch, lightning-fast fencer, axe baron, and useless poet lead an expedition to an unknown land at the behest of Queen Elizabeth. Dour religious locals were ignored. Looming forests were investigated. Saw mysterious "winged men." Natives were discovered. Hostilities were considered. The dreaded claw-apes encircled and attacked everyone. Desparate alliance cut its way through. Escorted to the caves. "Winged men" were actually 30-foot bats. With riders. Useless poet jumped off cliff to prove worthy of bat-riding. Useless poet set house record for Highest 7th Sea Die Roll, getting a 79 on a Wits + Dancing check. Group headed into wilderness, searching for the defector Cavendish.

And it must have been fun, since the girls wanted to play again last night. We spent a couple hours investigating the mysterious tunnel that swallowed our faithful Black Hand guide, Aodo.

The long form writeup would include the unexpected (and welcome!) presence of my old friend Ryan, who happened to be in town. He took on the role of Klauss von Axtberg, a disorderly Germanic noble who's on this team as a condition of his release from jail for drunken brawling. Axtberg, if you wondered, means "mountain of axes." Ryan has the right idea, along with 16 points of dracheneisen gear.

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