Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun fact: Zal Duster is an old PC of mine

(I emailed this to the 3 players in my occasional Star Wars game, who want to go after intergalactic underworld boss Zal Duster and his infamous Crime Moon. I don't expect you to be interested, but I wanted to post it for easy reference later...)


I made some skill rolls for your characters to determine...


Layout of the Crime Moon: Hawke got a Streetwise roll of 22, so a rough map will be provided. Dash's Streetwise roll of 7 (!) might have brought some attention to you boys.

Size of the grounds: None of you even managed to roll a 10 on Planetary Systems, so you don't know.

Locations of specific facilities: Dash got a Con of 21, partially redeeming himself, augmented by Victarian's 10 in Command and Hawke's 10 in Bargain. You worked your contacts to get locations nailed down for the docking facilities, armory, main power plant, and barracks. They'll be noted on the map.

Size of organization: Both of the Zzohren boys rolled a 15 for Streetwise. You learned that the Duster syndicate probably has around 3000 total members scattered across the galaxy, but the core group (the equivalent of "made men" in the Mafia) is probably 400. Zal's inner circle is thought to consist of less than a dozen people.

Details on key lieutenants: By losing a Gambling roll (16 vs 22) and thereby getting a bonus to his Bargain roll (20), Dash got a Thravian flitter-pilot to tell him that Zal's logistics/operations guy is named Rondo Allaturrk. Blue skin, cybernetic demi-halo attached to his skull to augment memory, thought to be from the galactic rim. A cool and unflappable guy, Rondo has been centralizing his sub-organization to eliminate possible rivals. Any of his people who want to talk to Zal go through him first (and sometimes go out an open airlock shortly thereafter...).

Following a hunch, Hawke followed up on Guss'r, the 'bodyguard' that Zal sent with you on that ill-fated insane R2 mission. Guss'r was a Trandoshan, the strong scaly lizard people (like Bossk from Empire Strikes Back). Hawke located one of Guss'r's hatch-mates and, with a Language roll of 15, overheard that the hatch-mate has taken over as Zal's chief bodyguard. His name is Sooc, he has a short temper, he carries a blaster carbine with a long bayonet that can double as a vibrospear, and he's very fond of eating the mildly hallucinogenic vreedle-worm.

Checking some grey-area galactic databases, Victarian rolled an 11 on Computer Programming, which was enough to find several references to someone named Fayne Ikkish who has handled legal matters between Zal and the Empire. A visit to her office on the world of Coruscant, coupled with a Search roll of 15, turned up some archived holovids that could ruin her legitimate career. However, security chased Victarian off before he could steal or copy any of them.

Known rivals: Maalaam Torot, a big player in illegal gambling rings; competes with Zal for control of many. Rumored to also handle some contract killings. Has an enforcer named Raccagh, a Wookie.

Dobro Estabi, the guy to see if you're interested in smuggling. Or maybe the girl -- nobody's actually *seen* Dobro and reported back. He/she conducts business through droid messengers. Zal wants Dobro's pilots and hyperspace coordinate maps; Dobro wants Zal dead.

Known relatives: Only one, a sister named Zenna Duster. She's an Imperial lieutenant serving on the bridge staff of a Star Destroyer called Vengeance. Hawke and Victarian each rolled a 13 for Bureaucracy, which was enough to confirm that she exists and find that the Vengeance is currently posted in the rebellious Gallormu system; Dash rolled a 7, which was enough to get you guys thrown out of the records office for malingering and general no-good-nik-ness.

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