Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quick thoughts on a weird world

Last time I surfaced, I was clutching a big list of monsters from a bestiary, threatening to combine them into a new campaign setting. I kinda did that.

I think I might have re-invented Jorune. Especially if Samuel R. Delaney was brought in to ghostwrite it. Not because I have that kind of talent, mind you. These ideas just go in that direction. I'm not too proud to steal.

I'd certainly love some Miles Teeves illustrations for this.

Njuzu: Human consciousness implanted into a liquid form. When the rest of the humans left for fresher worlds, this was one choice for those left behind.

Itnala: Human consciousness implanted in a super-solid form, by which I mean "more solid than regular solids." Another choice for those who remain.

Shethala: Human consciousness removed from an "evolved" form and put back into a replicated human form. Old-school, uptight, aristocratic.

Hive Spiders: An alternate, deviant form of posthumanism. Implant your consciousness into a drone body and have fun until it mutates horribly and drives you insane. Or extra-sane.

Makara: Lonely, the late-era humans augmented the intelligence of certain species. The Makara, intended to help manage the waters, can project human-style images to avoid discomfiting their (departed) masters.

War Dragons: Sometimes, reviving extinct prehistoric races and endowing them with near-human intelligence is a fine idea. Big friendly dinosaurs.

Celenians: Created to be hunters and enforcers. They escaped to the wild long ago. Not quite exterminated by vengeful/bored humans before the Leavetaking.

Kr'awn: These twisted amphibianoids resulted from millenia of pollution/byproducts/weird background energies. Largely sentient and often mutated; their biology is in a state of flux.

Chupacabra: They sidestepped onto the planet from Somewhere Else. Predators, bogeymen, parasites -- or just misunderstood.

Poukai: Sometimes, reviving extinct prehistoric races and endowing them with near-human intelligence is a bad idea. Nobody wants a smart terrorbird.

Ice Lion: An early result of the efforts that would someday lead to the Njuzu-form. Not numerous. Which means every PC party will have at least one.

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