Monday, March 28, 2011

The bad formatting of the Don't list is driving me crazy

If you know me, you've probably already seen these lists. What do I like and what don't I like in RPGs?
LIKE                                         DON'T
The characters                           Describing environments
Velocity                                     Using maps
A fixed base                               Solving puzzles/mysteries
Emotional involvement                Splitting up the party
Homemade setting                      Traps
Random elements                       Dungeon crawls
Player-driven plots                     The Star Trek model
The social aspect                        Slow combat
Languages                                 Character classes
A Reason To Go                       Time/dimension travel
Three-player groups                   The weekly game

I hadn't intended any sort of correspondence between the two lists, although I did try to keep them to the same length. In many cases, if something's on one list, its opposite is probably on the other list. And there are a couple of opposed pairings that happened to emerge - "Player-driven plots" is the opposite of "The Star Trek model," and "Velocity" implies something different than "Slow combat" does. I'll examine these pairs over the next few days.

Also, do you read Mike Mearls's blog? Did you read the one where he says that the placement of minis on a battlemat, and not the GM's judgement, should determine whether someone has cover from ranged attacks? Has he always been this wrong about everything, and I just now noticed?

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  1. Yes, he has always been this wrong about everything. The good things in 4e were, IMO, examples of the 'stopped clock being right twice a day'.