Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In which I grow old

The thing about being a full-fledged adult is that I don't have time to roleplay very often. Games happen maybe once every two months.

The thing about being me is that I don't like scheduled games. Want me to avoid you? Invite me to your weekly game.

So I don't have a lot of current stuff to discuss, and dredging up my memories sounds as boring to me as it does to you. The two things I semi-run aren't at a point where I want to bounce ideas around, and I'm not playing in anything. But there is one project I'm thinking about - my scavenger game.

Although I've got some design credits, my system-design chops are weak. I don't care about rules - I care about what you can do with them - so I'm not good at creating games from whole cloth. I steal really well, though. This is stuff I'd like to cobble together into a frankengame:

1) Tag Skills (from the Fallout games)
2) Omni-Gadgets (from the original DC Heroes)
3) Fate Points (from early Warhammer, and maybe current Warhammer)
4) Character Templates (from the original Star Wars RPG)
5) Complicated Annoying Point-Based Character Creation With Lots Of Fiddly Bits (Champions)

...and there was something else on the list.

Dealing with point 5 is the hard part. As much as I like complicated annoying point-based character creation, Champions has gone nuts in the last decade. So my starting point is to turn that core system into something that humans can use.

Hey, you asked.

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