Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh yeah...

One other thing on the list was the Lifepath, as used by Cyberpunk 2020 and/or Twilight 2000. Some folks object to lifepathing (I married one), but I like having random background elements that shift my character design. It works pretty well when it's an optional thing, rather than a requirement, if only so my wife doesn't complain at me because her character now has a crippling injury. Not everyone enjoys those little touches.

And there was a second thing. I recently ran across the PDF quickstart version of a fantasy game called Riddle Of Steel. It's gone one of those priority-balancing systems of character creation, where if you want more points for stats you have less for skills, etc. I enjoy those. This one specifically included the character's social status as one of its categories, which was very cool. If you're a Noble, you have more money and more freedoms than an Outlaw, who starts with no money or stuff and is being actively hunted. It would be tricky to extrapolate this to a generic system, but that's part of the fun.

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